Yokomo YD-2 Series now available to Pre-Order!

Yokomo has been pioneer of RC Drift. Now, available from Yokomo, YD-2 RWD RC Drift Chassis!

Yokomo YD-2 Plus

Yokomo YD-2


Innovative 4 gear drive design will enahance throttle response and rear traction. Perfectly balanced chassis designed and perfect steering.

Front end has been also newly designed just for RWD RC Drifting. Perfectly developed by Yokomo Driver, Ackerman Ratio Setting and perfectly honest steering feeling. Full counter drifting thought be hard skill especially with RWD. However, with YD-2, Full Counter Drifting is easy to achieve!


There are x3 YD-2 Kits available from Yokomo.

Yokmo DP-YD2 RWD Drift Car YD-2

This is basic Kit and very low price! Ideal for beginner or people want to try out RC RWD Drifting!

Yokomo DP-YD2G RWD Drift Car YD-2 inc YG-302 Gyro

This kit comes with YD-2 plus Yokomo RWD Drift Designed Gyro YG-302. Cheaper to buy this kit rather than purchasing them separately.

Yokomo DP-YD2PLS RWD Drift Car YD-2 Plus

Ideal for Expert or people who want the best straight out of the box! Comes with upgrade parts such as aluminium big bore suspensions, graphite chassis etc!


We are now taking PRE-ORDER!

ETA is mid August. However, this can be changed without any prior notification.

If you pre-order the items, we will ship the products off to you as soon as we receive!

PLUS* We will include bonus RC drift parts for Free!!! Only available to PRE-ORDER customers


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Tips for choosing Xenon Racing Wheels

As we have many XENON Racing Wheels type, few customers inquired how to choose or what is the difference of these wheels.

Here is tip and difference for XENON Wheels.

PRW-A etc > Standard Wheels
PRW-AH  etc> Standard Wheels Hard Material
PRW-B etc > Low Wheel Ribs
PRW-BH etc > Low Wheel Ribs Hard

Hard type > Using harder plastic materials. Generally speaking, harder type has better / quicker response.

Low Ribs Wheels > These wheels have lower ribs compared to standard wheels. Because of this, it will be slightly loose with inners. Meaning give better grips.

However, please note these are general ideas.

It will perform differently depending on the course condition and your machine set up.

It is always good to have few different type and try them out to see which perform better for the course condition as well as with your machine set up.

You can see our range of Xenon Racing Wheels and Tires here.


Happy RCing~!

ヾ= ̄∇ ̄)ノ RC Clearance Sale!


Wrap-Up Nervis Clearance Sales
Wrap-Up Nervis Clearance Sales

* Mugen Seiki items added!
* Wrap-Up items added! (inc. Conversion Kit)

Now well over 260 products!
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ヾ= ̄∇ ̄)ノ Gunpla Quickie Sale!

P-Bandai MG Gundam Fenice Rinascita Alba

* P-Bandai Products added!
* RG items added!
* 1/100 Iron Blooded Iron Series items added!
* PG Gunpla

But HURRY!! Limited Stock!

G-Force Products now available @ BanzaiHobby!

ヾ= ̄∇ ̄)ノ G-Force now Available!
Due to many requests from our customers, G-Force products are now available from BanzaiHobby!

G0001 SuperVelocity 8.5T

G0015 TS120A & Super Sonic Combo Set 13.5T

G0121 Mini Break-In System

G-Force makes high quality RC products as well as Tamiya Mini4WD accessories with affordable price.

Check them out!!




Please allow 2-3 working days for the dispatch your order once we receive your G-Force order.

PRE-Order Yokomo BD7 2016 High Traction Chassis Kit, Chassis, Conversion Kit and Limited Edition Kits

PRE-ORDER are now available for Yokomo BD7 2016 High Traction Chassis Kit. Further more pre-order now and SAVE whooping 25% OFF!!

Yokomo BD7 2016 High Traction Kit

ETA: End of JUNE.

But Hurry!! Limited Time Only!! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Winning Machine Yokomo BD7 2016 now available with Hight Traction Chassis!

This High Traction Main Chassis will be best suited for outside asphalt course etc. Give enough chassis flexibility for best grip and it is easy to set up your machine according to the course condtion.


* Graphite High Traction Main CHassis

* 7.8mm Max (Rear Shock Tower) Low Gravity Chassis Design

* Carbon Double Deck Chassis designed with flexibility features.

* F Double Joint Universal for better cornering / improve cornering acceleration.

* Newly Designed F&R Bullkhead has been fixed with cross bulk in order to control chassi roll.

* SLF Short Shock II has been designed with Low Gravity and Large Capacity. Friction Loss has also been improved using hard lubcrication anodized shock cylinder.

* Wide range of Gear Ratio Setting and can be used with many class (Sports, Stock, Modified etc)

* Using Light Weight Graphite Resin Materials for Suspension Arm, Front and Rear Hub and Knuckle.

* Using Separate Aluminium Suspension Mount (Front end rear, Rear front end) to gain chassis flexibility.

* Front Aluminium Solid Axle

* Lightweight Resin Belt Tension Cam

* F & R Stabilizer
Available as High Traction Chassis Only, Conversion Kit, High Traction Kit or JRM Limited Edition Model Kits. Check it out as below.

[PRE-ORDER] MRTC-BD716S BD7 2016 JRM Sport Class Limited Edition
[PRE-ORDER] MRTC-BD716O BD7 2016 JRM Open Class Limited Edition
[PRE-ORDER] MRTC-BD716H BD7 2016 High Traction Chassis Kit
[PRE-ORDER] B7-16CH BD7 2016 High Traction Chassis Conversion Kit
[PRE-ORDER] B7-00216S High Traction Main Chassis

Who wants to ride Zeonic Toyota Char’s Auris II !?

Who wants to ride Zeonic Toyota Char’s Auris II !?

If you love Gundam and Toyota, this must be your dream car!!!


Website says they have finished production for Char’s Auris II complete car set though..

Check it out on the Toyota Website. (Japanese)


Unfortunately, these are not available on sale @ http://banzaihobby.com


OVERDOES OD1581 High Grade Shock Set (adjustable / 4pcs) Re-Stocked!

ヾ= ̄∇ ̄)ノ Finally in Stock!

Ladies & Gentlemen Finally its Back in Stock.

OVERDOES OD1581 High Grade Shock Set (adjustable / 4pcs)





Also, we have made

Banzai Bundle SP with OD1581 & OD1920 Titanium Spring Set





One of the Best Set up available on the RC Drift Market!

Bandai Macross Model Kits Galore!

ヾ= ̄∇ ̄)ノ Bandai Macross Galore!

New & Re-Stocked Bandai Macross Frontier Series!

Bandai Macross Model Kits *NEW!*

1/72 VF-31J SIEGFREID Hayate Immelman Use

1/72 VF-31J SIEGFREID Hayate Immelman Use
Macross Delta VF-31E SIEGFRIED Fightermode Ch


VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie ALTO Custom
VF-25S Messiah Valkyrie Ozma Lee's Custom
VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie ALTO Custom



Check it out more Gunpla, Macross, and more character Anime Plastic Models from below link!