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RG Premium Decal Campaign

Buy any Bandai RG Gunpla Kit and receive FREE RG Premium Decal!



You will receive x1 RG Premium Decal per RG Kit purchase.

Eg: if you buy x2 RG Kit, you will receive x2 RG Premium Decal.

You cannot choose the decal.

Campaign Period: 7th Jan 2018 (JST) ~ when we run out Decal.

Limited Qtty. Get in QUICK!


Bandai Plastic Model / Gunpla November New Release

November New Products

Now in STOCK!

HGPG Petitgguy Setsuna F Seiei Blue & Placard

HG Zaku I (Kycilia’s Forces)

Figure-rise Standard SUPER SAIYAN GOD SUPER SAIYAN Son Gokou

Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta


ETA: 9-11th November

[PRE-ORDER] MG GM Sniper Custom

[PRE-ORDER] HGBF Cherudim Gundam Saga Type. GBF

[PRE-ORDER] HGBC 24th Century Weapons

[PRE-ORDER] HG Zaku Half Cannon

[PRE-ORDER] SD Legend BB Musha Gundam Mk. III

[PRE-ORDER] Figure-rise Mechanics DORAEMON

[PRE-ORDER] Figure-rise Mechanics DORAMI

[PRE-ORDER] Figure-rise Mechanics TIME MACHINE Secret


ETA: 16-18th November

[PRE-ORDER] RG Johnny Ridden’s High Mobility Zaku II

RG Johnny Ridden's High Mobility Zaku II
RG Johnny Ridden’s High Mobility Zaku II


ETA: 22-24th November

[PRE-ORDER] Thousand Sunny Memorial Color Ver


ETA: 30th Nov – 2nd Dec


[PRE-ORDER] PG Gundam Exia


Buy PG Gundam Exia Online
Buy PG Gundam Exia Online


Bandai Gunpla NEW & Re-Stock!! (and more)

Bandai Gunpla & Plamo New & Re-Stocked!


 Bandai Gunpla MG (Master Grade) New & Re-stocked!

 Bandai Gunpla PG (Perfect Grade) Re-Stocked!

 Bandai Gunpla RG (Real Grade) Re-Stocked!


RG Gundam Astray Gol

Bandai Gunpla Iron-Blooded Orphans Re-Stocked!

 Bandai Gunpla HGUC & HG Series Re-Stocked!

Bandai Plamo Dragon Ball Series – NEW!

Bandai Gunpla MG Ver.Ka Premium Decal Campaign 2017

To celebrate NEW release of MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka , Bandai celebrate with giving away PREMIUM Decal.

MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka with Premium Decal
Bandai Gunpla MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka with Premium Decal

** Limited Stock!! Buy during campaign period and comes with PREMIUM DECAL for below seven MG items! **

MG Ver.Ka Premium Decal Campaign
Bandai Gunpla MG Ver.Ka Premium Decal Campaign

[PREORDER] MG ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka + premium decal

[PREORDER] MG V2 Gundam Ver.Ka + premium decal

[PREORDER] MG Sazabi Ver.Ka + premium decal

[PREORDER] MG Nu Gundam Ver.Ka + premium decal

[PREORDER] MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka + premium decal

[PREORDER] MG Full Armor Gundam Unicorn Ver.Ka + premium decal

[PREORDER] MG Sinanju Ver.Ka + premium decal

But HURRY!!! LIMITEDStock available. Highly recommend to PRE-ORDER NOW!! before sell out.

Pre-Order Available at:


Free Gunpla Customize Campaign with Gunpla Club!


Buy any Bandai Gundam Plastic Model Kits (exclude Action Base and Builder’s Parts) &  Listen to Gunpla Club and receive Free Limited Edtion Gundam Weapon Parts!

So check out Gunpla Club now!


Bandai Gundam Customize Campaign ABandai Gundam Customize Campaign parts_b

Bandai Gundam Customize Campaign parts_cBandai Gundam Customize Campaign parts_d

Campaign Period: JST 0:01am 23rd Jan to JST 11:59PM 31st Jan or when stock run out!

You will receive x1 limited edition parts per Gunpla purchse. (exclude Action Base and Builder’s Parts)

Eg: if you buy x4 gunplas, you will receive x4 Limited Edition Gundam Weapon Parts!!

You cannot choose the parts.

We only have limited qtty, so don’t miss this opportuntiy! Get in QUICK!


Bandai Macross Free Decal Campaign!

Buy Bandai Macross 1/72 Scale and Receive Free Macross Decals (Limited Edition)!

Bandai Macross Free Decal Campaign at BanzaiHobby

Buy any Bandai Macross 1/72 Scale Plastic Models

1/72 VF-31J SIEGFREID Hayate Immelman Use

1/72 Macross Delta VF-31S Siegfried

1/72 Sv-262Hs DRAKEN III Keith Aero Windermere Use

1/72 VF-31J SUPER SIEGFRIED Hayate Immelmann Use

1/72 VF-31J SIEGFRIED Hayate Immelmann SuperPack

1/72 VF-31F Siegfried Messer Ihlefeld Custom


and Receive Free Decals!

Free Macross Decal Limited Edition

Free Macross Decal Limited Edition

Hurry! Limited stock only available! Get in QUICK!

You will receive x2 kind of Macross Delta per product you place an order.

If you purchase x2 kits from above list, you will receive in total of 4 Macross Delta Limited Edtiion Decal for Free!!

Only available with Bandai Macross Delta 1/72 scale plastic models.

Tokyo Hobby Show 2016 – Bandai!

NEW! Gunpla line up ” Figure-Rise ” now in Stock!

ヾ= ̄∇ ̄)ノ Gunpla NEW!

New Line Up of Plastic Models from Bandai! Figure-Rise Bust Series! Now in Stock!

Figure-rise Bust Athrun Zala

Highly detailed plastic model. By assembling this plastic model, this has same equilavent as Figure Model! Using colored parts.

Bandai Gunpla First! Eye parts have 4 different colors in 1 part! (Lazer Printed)

Include the base!

Check out more Gunpla Selection from BanzaiHobby!




Gunpla 1/100 GUNDAM BARBATOS 6th Form on Special!

Currently on SALE!

Buy now and whooping 30% OFF! So don’t miss this opportunity.

If you haven’t got this Gunpla yet, good opportunity to grab it!!


005 GUNDAM BARBATOS 6th Form 1/100
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans 005 GUNDAM BARBATOS 6th Form 1/100 at BanzaiHobby! Special!

Don’t miss this opportunity yoo!