Air (Small Packet) Changes

Air Small Packet – Shipping Change

Please note: This applies to our SMALL PACKET Orders only.

No changes to EMS or Via Sea shipping cost.

Air Small Packet Shipping Price will change as below.

Most affected customers from this changes would be customers from USA.

Air Small Packet

Postage Rates from April 1, 2021 (in yen)

Zone Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
Area Asia Oceania, Canada, Central America, Middle East, Europe South America, Africa The United States (including overseas territories like Guam)
Up to 100g 350 480 510 750
Up to 200g 450 600 680 880
Up to 300g 550 720 850 1,010
Up to 400g 650 840 1,020 1,140
Up to 500g 750 960 1,190 1,270
Up to 600g 850 1,080 1,360 1,400
Up to 700g 950 1,200 1,530 1,530
Up to 800g 1,050 1,320 1,700 1,660
Up to 900g 1,150 1,440 1,870 1,790
Up to 1,000g 1,250 1,560 2,040 1,920
Up to 1,100g 1,350 1,680 2,210 2,050
Up to 1,200g 1,450 1,800 2,380 2,180
Up to 1,300g 1,550 1,920 2,550 2,310
Up to 1,400g 1,650 2,040 2,720 2,440
Up to 1,500g 1,750 2,160 2,890 2,570
Up to 1,600g 1,850 2,280 3,060 2,700
Up to 1,700g 1,950 2,400 3,230 2,830
Up to 1,800g 2,050 2,520 3,400 2,960
Up to 1,900g 2,150 2,640 3,570 3,090
Up to 2,000g 2,250 2,760 3,740 3,220

Also we have decided from 1st April, we will apply tracking numnbers and limited insurance (Up to JPY6000) to all of Air Small Packet where possible (extra JPY410).

So no more guessing and you can track your package with Air (Small Packet).

Unfortunately, we cannot apply tracking numbers to below countries due to effect from COVID-19.


We will keep using Air (Small Packet) and no extra charge for tracking and insurance.
However, please choose this shipping method with your own risk.

We will swtitch our system over around 6AM 31st March 2021 (JST).
All of orders received before this time will be processed with current rate.

We really appreciate your patience and cooperation during COIVD-19. We cannot wait COVID-19 logistics chaos is over so we can start using SAL as well as our usual shipping methods to your country.

Stay Safe and Take care everyone!



Below are FAQ from Japan Post

Q: Why is it necessary to revise international postage rates?

A: International postage rates include a delivery charge that is paid by the (postal service? postal operator?) of the sender’s country to that of the recipient’s country. Previously, the delivery charge had been set rather low by the UPU, considering the situation of developing countries. However, at the Extraordinary Congress of the UPU in 2019, the convention provision governing the delivery charge was amended with the result that the charge increased significantly. It is necessary to revise some international postage rates so as to properly reflect this increase in the delivery charge paid to other countries.


Q: Why will only the postage rates for small packets be revised?

A: The postage rates for small packets and related special rates will be revised because only the convention provision that mainly concerns the delivery charge for small packets was amended.


Q: Why was the delivery charge for small packets increased?

Because of the expansion of e-commerce, the volume of small packets and other mail containing goods has increased all over the world. However, in major countries like the United States, the delivery charge determined by the previous convention was not sufficient to cover delivery costs. The convention provision that kept the delivery charge for small packets at a low level, especially for countries like China, had to be amended. As a result, at the Extraordinary Congress of the UPU in 2019, the overall delivery charge for small packets was increased and the convention was amended to allow each country to determine its own delivery charge to cover its delivery costs.


Q: Why is there a large increase in postage rates for lightweight items but a small increase for medium-weight and heavy items?

The delivery charge is calculated on the basis of both the “postage rate per kg” and the “postage rate per item”. The amendment of the convention in 2019 increased the “postage rate per item” significantly, so the rate for lightweight items will increase much more than that for medium-weight or heavy items.


Q: Is there any plan to revise postage rates for other international mail items?

There is no plan to revise the postage rates for other international mail items at this time.
Currently, the delivery charges for ordinary mail items (letters, postcards, printed matter and so on), excluding small packets, are being discussed by the UPU. We are planning to review our postage rates for these items based on the outcome of that discussion.


Q: Why is the United States defined as a new postage rate zone (Zone 4)?

Because the delivery charges of the United States will increase much more than those of other countries. Therefore, we will separate the postage rates for items to the U.S. from the current Zone 2 and define Zone 4 as a new postage rate zone. In addition, the U.S.’s external territories such as Guam and Saipan will have the same delivery charges so these territories will be integrated into Zone 4.


Q: Are any other kinds of international mail items to the U.S. also classified in Zone 4?

All ordinary mail items (letters, postcards, printed matter and so on) are now classified in Zone 4, but the postage rates for these items are the same as those of Zone 2.
The postage rates for EMS and parcels will not change.


Q: When will the postage rates change?

They are scheduled to be changed effective Thursday, April 1, 2021.