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Gunpla Restocked 27th November 2018!

Bandai Restock 22nd November 2018!

Gunpla Re-Stocked Early NOV 2018!

2018 Summer Holiday Information

Due to Summer Holiday in Japan, we will be closed from

9th Aug – 16th Aug

All the orders received between these dates will be shipped after 16th August.

Customer support will be also limited.

Please expect the delay and we apologize any inconvenience this may be causing.


BanzaiHobby Photo Competition March 2018 – Winner Announced!

Thank you very much for those who entered the Competition!

We have received whooping 696 entries!!


Here is the Winner Details!!


1st Prize: JPY5,000 Store Credit at BanzaiHobby

Winner: Erwin B

Votes: 45437

Photo Title: Gundam in a rig


2nd Prize: JPY3,000 Store Credit at BanzaiHobby

Winner: Alexis R

Votes: 28376

Photo Title: Unicorn Gundams


3rd Prize: JPY2,000 Store Credit at BanzaiHobby

Winner: Jim B

Votes: 16957

Photo Title: Gundam Meijimbo

Bandai Plastic Model / Gunpla November New Release

November New Products

Now in STOCK!

HGPG Petitgguy Setsuna F Seiei Blue & Placard

HG Zaku I (Kycilia’s Forces)

Figure-rise Standard SUPER SAIYAN GOD SUPER SAIYAN Son Gokou

Figure-rise Standard Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta


ETA: 9-11th November

[PRE-ORDER] MG GM Sniper Custom

[PRE-ORDER] HGBF Cherudim Gundam Saga Type. GBF

[PRE-ORDER] HGBC 24th Century Weapons

[PRE-ORDER] HG Zaku Half Cannon

[PRE-ORDER] SD Legend BB Musha Gundam Mk. III

[PRE-ORDER] Figure-rise Mechanics DORAEMON

[PRE-ORDER] Figure-rise Mechanics DORAMI

[PRE-ORDER] Figure-rise Mechanics TIME MACHINE Secret


ETA: 16-18th November

[PRE-ORDER] RG Johnny Ridden’s High Mobility Zaku II

RG Johnny Ridden's High Mobility Zaku II
RG Johnny Ridden’s High Mobility Zaku II


ETA: 22-24th November

[PRE-ORDER] Thousand Sunny Memorial Color Ver


ETA: 30th Nov – 2nd Dec


[PRE-ORDER] PG Gundam Exia


Buy PG Gundam Exia Online
Buy PG Gundam Exia Online


Bandai Gunpla NEW & Re-Stock!! (and more)

Bandai Gunpla & Plamo New & Re-Stocked!


 Bandai Gunpla MG (Master Grade) New & Re-stocked!

 Bandai Gunpla PG (Perfect Grade) Re-Stocked!

 Bandai Gunpla RG (Real Grade) Re-Stocked!


RG Gundam Astray Gol

Bandai Gunpla Iron-Blooded Orphans Re-Stocked!

 Bandai Gunpla HGUC & HG Series Re-Stocked!

Bandai Plamo Dragon Ball Series – NEW!