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Bandai Macross Free Decal Campaign!

Buy Bandai Macross 1/72 Scale and Receive Free Macross Decals (Limited Edition)!

Bandai Macross Free Decal Campaign at BanzaiHobby

Buy any Bandai Macross 1/72 Scale Plastic Models

1/72 VF-31J SIEGFREID Hayate Immelman Use

1/72 Macross Delta VF-31S Siegfried

1/72 Sv-262Hs DRAKEN III Keith Aero Windermere Use

1/72 VF-31J SUPER SIEGFRIED Hayate Immelmann Use

1/72 VF-31J SIEGFRIED Hayate Immelmann SuperPack

1/72 VF-31F Siegfried Messer Ihlefeld Custom


and Receive Free Decals!

Free Macross Decal Limited Edition

Free Macross Decal Limited Edition

Hurry! Limited stock only available! Get in QUICK!

You will receive x2 kind of Macross Delta per product you place an order.

If you purchase x2 kits from above list, you will receive in total of 4 Macross Delta Limited Edtiion Decal for Free!!

Only available with Bandai Macross Delta 1/72 scale plastic models.