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Tips for choosing Xenon Racing Wheels

As we have many XENON Racing Wheels type, few customers inquired how to choose or what is the difference of these wheels.

Here is tip and difference for XENON Wheels.

PRW-A etc > Standard Wheels
PRW-AH  etc> Standard Wheels Hard Material
PRW-B etc > Low Wheel Ribs
PRW-BH etc > Low Wheel Ribs Hard

Hard type > Using harder plastic materials. Generally speaking, harder type has better / quicker response.

Low Ribs Wheels > These wheels have lower ribs compared to standard wheels. Because of this, it will be slightly loose with inners. Meaning give better grips.

However, please note these are general ideas.

It will perform differently depending on the course condition and your machine set up.

It is always good to have few different type and try them out to see which perform better for the course condition as well as with your machine set up.

You can see our range of Xenon Racing Wheels and Tires here.


Happy RCing~!