Waku~Waku~Campaign! 2017~

BanzaiHobby Waku~Waku~Campaign~♪ 2017



Campaign Period

Thursday 8PM 18th May 2017 (JST) ~ Monday Midnight 22nd May 2017 (JST) or Ends when Stock Run Out.

Promotion Details

Place any order @ http://banzaihobby.com and receive free Bonus from us! Japanese Candy, Chocolates, Snack, Rice Flavor (Furikake) and noodles and more!!!!

You cannot choose the bonus and we will select them randomly.(Like a lolly scramble!)

But generally speaking, bigger the order amount, more bonus you will receive!!

Lucky Number 7 Order!

If your order ends on 7, you will receive more Bonus or large bonus item such as Big Choco, Black Thunder, Pocky, Choco Bat, Rice Flavoring or Sushi Candy, or simply you will receive lots of small candies and chcolates.


Lucky Number Order 94444

If your order number is order 94444, you will receive Giant Umaibo (Snack) Package. (Package length is approx 56cm!) Package include 40pcs of Umaibo (Snack) contains various flavors. For further information, please see below this page.


Gunpla NOT included. Just show the size. How big it is!!!

Our Bonuses Explained

(So you know what to expect before you eat!)

** Please note, if you have allergic or cannot eat certain food, we highly recommend to check inside contents etc. or simply do NOT eat and give it to your friends **

Sushi Candy


You can put the rice and fish together just like real Sushi. Rice parts consist of Banana Flavor. Fish flavor can be Peach, Lemon. Eat Fish and Rice together to create magical flavor!!??

Super Big Choco


Approx 30cm package length! Whooping Big Choco with Peanuts.

Black Thunder


Very popular chocolate bar especially among Japanese Girls!

Rice Flavoring (Furikake)


Egg and Seaweed Flavor. Simply you put them on the hot rice and eat! Once you try these, you cannot stop!



I don’t think we need explanation! Stick biscuit coated on chocolate! Everyone’s favorite!

Gari-Bori Ramen


Ramen (Noodle) snack!!! You can eat this as is! Ramen Snack! Or you can put in a mag cup and cover with hot water to eat as instant noodle. Bur recommend to eat as it.

Choco Bat


Soft Biscuit coated on chocolate.  Shaped like Base Ball Bat. Japanese Boys favorite snack!

Double Soda Candy


Tow Flavor in ONE! PLUS check out the SODA bubbly feeling 😉

Okinawa Black Candy


Outside is black candy and inside include raw black sugar. Popular in Okinawa and Granny’s favorite 😉

Yakiniku-San Taro


Flattened Surimi (grated fish) then roasted. Covered by Yakiniku (BBQ Sauce) Flavor.

Donguri (Acorn) Gum in Candy


Outside is Candy and inside is chewing gum. Consists of Cola, Grape or Soda flavor. Kids favorite! (ps. acorn not included lol, just the name).

Kiechau (Disappear! Candy) Grape Flavor.


Start off with purple color but as melt in your mouth, it will change the color! PLUS, if you get gold flake in the candy, it is your super lucky day!!!

Super Lemon!


As name suggest, SUPER LEMON!! Oh! Juicy!!

In reality more like bloody hell!!! Super Lemon Sour!!! for approx 3-5mins. Then change to sweeter lemon taste.

Okonomiyaki-Yasan Taro


Flattened Surimi (grated fish) then roasted. Covered by Okonomiyaki Flavor.

Soda Kids Candy


Consists of 7 different flavored Shuwa Shuwa (Bubbly) Candy. Japanese Soda, Cola, Orange Soda, Lemon Soda, Peach Soda and Grape Soda Flavor.

Wasabi Nori Taro


Flattened Surimi (grated fish) then roasted. Covered by Wasabi and Seaweed Flavor.

Suppa Ume Mu~Cho!


Sour Japanese salted pickle plum flavor candy! Pretty Sour! Candy. Granny’s favorite.

Mitsuya Cider Candy *Shuwa Shuwa Refresh!*


Mitsuya Cider is favorite Japanese Fizzy Drink. These are available as candy. Soda, Grape, Peach and Sweet Summer Orange Flavor.

Japanese Chewing Gum!


Kids favorite chewing gum!

Chelsea Candy


Sweet Caramel Flavor. Comes with 3 flavor. Yogurt, Coffee or Butter Caramel.

Yakisobaya-San Taro


Japanese fried noodles flavor snack. Japanese Kids favorite!

Kabayaki-San Taro


Flattened Surimi (grated fish) then roasted. Covered by Roasted Eel Flavor.

Umai-Bo (Yummy Stick) is most famous Japanese Snack!! Based on corn snack but they release so many different flavors!! So if you receive Umaibo from us, please check below what kind of flavor 😉

Umaibo Cheese Flavor


Umaibo Beef Tongue with salt Flavor


Umaibo Tonkatsu Sauce Flavor


Umaibo Creamy Corn Soup Flavor


Umaibo Salami Flavor


Umaibo Vegetable Salad Flavor


Umaibo Shrimp Mayonnaise Flavor


Umaibo Terikyaki Burger Flavor


Umaibo Spicy Fish Raw Flavor


Umaibo Chicken Curry Flavor


Umaibo Sugar Rusk Flavor


Umaibo Natto Flavor (fermented soy beans)



Important notice: Terms & Condition

If you have allergies or cannot eat certain food, for any reasons, please do NOT eat as contents are shown in Japanese.

Although, we will try to package as careful as possible, we apologize in advance if your snack etc has been crashed during the transit. We will not offer swap or compensation because of this.

If you are living in Hot country, content may melt. However, all the products are sealed in the package so it will NOT leak but it may change the shape / melt etc due to heat. We will not offer swap or compensation because of this.

Campaign period is between Thursday 8PM 18th May 2017 (JST) ~ Monday Midnight 22nd May 2017 (JST) or Ends when Stock Run Out. Whichever comes first.

BanzaiHobby has rights to change campaign contents and terms and condition without any notices.